1. General RequirementsΒΆ

The DIMS project involves coordination of team members in multiple locations, multiple time zones, and multiple overlapping areas of responsibility. In order to communicate, coordinate, maintain momentum of project development, and meet deliverable requirements of the contract with the sponsor, all DIMS team members must be able to work asynchronously, independently, and be responsible for following task prioritization or asking for direction as necessary.

  • Must be familiar with, or be able to quickly learn, the following skills and tools:

    • Software development using the Agile methodology and Scrum methodology

    • Use of Git and related tools for source control management (SCM)

    • The concepts of Continuous Integration and DevOps (also known as agile system administration or agile operations) for rapid development, testing, and release of a functional system

    • The concepts of test and evaluation using unit tests, functional tests, acceptance tests, and regression tests

    • FosWiki (and its version of wiki mark-up)

  • Must be able to document your work before, during, and after tasks.

  • Must be able to perform independent research on tasks required for DIMS development as directed and present findings in both written form and live demonstrations (including demos via Adobe Connect.)

  • Must be able to follow prioritized tasking using a Jira Agile ticketing system, and either (a) complete tasks within a 2-week development iteration (a.k.a., sprint) cycle, or (b) coordinate with the PI or scrum master to re-prioritize and/or break up overly-large tasks before the end of sprints.

  • General understanding of networking concepts (e.g., the client/server model, Domain Name System (DNS) naming, the role of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access, etc.)

  • Familiarity with information security related concepts (both attack and defense) including, Trojan horses, social engineering, malware, incident response, etc. (The kinds of things listed in General Computer Security Awareness)